Prozac Side Effects

The Truth Behind Prozac Side Effects

As time goes by we already facing the tight competition between one another, therefore there are lots of psychiatric studies which tell you that there are lots of increasing of neurotic disorder such as schizophrenia, bipolar, or depressive and all these studies indicates that you need to be careful about the disorders that may haunt you in your life. Talking about neurotic disorder we do believe based on the research that had been conduct by the world most famous psychiatric organizations showed than more than 1,5 million people get this disorder every day. And we also do believe that there is big consequence behind the treatment that may cause new symptom that lead to a miss conduct diagnosis and treatment.

Fluoxetine or Prozac has become the most popular treatment that being prescript for more than 100 thousand depressive disorder patient and almost ¾ of the patient don’t show any betterment in their treatment, therefore the organizations had started to conduct a research and we found a shocking fact that the Prozac side effects it self has bring the new symptom of depressive disorder.

Prozac itself is a brand name of fluoxetine which also know as SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) or we can say that this drugs help you to feel more happy because the hormone system which release the good feeling had been selectively to be increase and release more, therefore we can see that when ‘normal’ people use this drugs will cause a big euphoria which become un-stoppable the end.

Since the number is getting increase then some scientist had started to conduct a research and found that the Prozac side effects will cause double symptoms and show un threatened disorder which can cause the people need to spend their night in mental hospital for further treatment. Not only which lead to wrong diagnosis? This symptom also will make your depressive become worse because you need to take them more.

Another popular Prozac side effects are, suddenly decrease of sexual desire after you take this pill within a week, bad nausea, and possible of long term memory loss.

You also need to understand that the effect of the pill will get decrease if you get other depressive symptoms that not related to the case before. Even though this case had been release to all over the world, we still can found that the doctors don’t know anything about the Prozac side effects that’s why this is become the job that we need to do to help them and complain to change your medication into another medication.

If you have quite serious depressive symptoms, we really recommend you to ask your trustful psychiatrist about your medication the symptoms and how to solve your problems. Then what you need to before these bad things happen to you? There are few tricks that you can floor when deal about depressive syndrome, because you should never under estimate the effect of depressive disorder to your life and people surround you. Start you healthy life now!

Prozac and Alcohol


Prozac is known as effective treatment for panic disorder, bulimia nervosa, major depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was invented in 1974. Prozac has been sold in the market since December 1987. It is now famously known as one best nerve relaxer medicine in the U.S. To understand Prozac’s use it is better to understand the current raising issues among people. People in this era are tied to certain condition that delivers them to be constantly panic and bothered. They cannot relax themselves. The cause of this problem may be huge stress. Stress leads people to condition where they keep feeling nervous and aware. Sadly people then tend to barely take a rest or sleeping. Lack of rest plus tons of workload with major economic and other depression will put people to disorder. Prozac and alcohol then reduces this panic effect and helps people to relax and sleep. It also boosts people’s capability in handling panic to stay calm.

Apart from panic and stress things Prozac in fact is very useful for those who are addicted to alcohol. It is not time to argue that people can stand without alcohol. Here is elaboration about Prozac and alcohol relation. Basically alcohol increases tendency to relax but in between-good-and-bad way. The more people alcohol the bigger chance they become unconscious therefore those who are drunk cannot take care of themselves because they lose their consciousness. Scientifically speaking Prozac is formed with same basic formulation as alcohol. That is why when alcoholic takes Prozac (s) he becomes slowly-but-sure sober. This is considered as big favor for addicted people. No wonder Prozac has been sold over 24.4 million prescriptions in the U.S only. With Prozac people may complete all duties and compulsories and responsibilities as well on time without getting drunk. This also shows us that people’s dependency to Prozac and alcohol gets worse day by day. There is a serious consideration about this since people cannot rely on medication forever.

Medication either it is natural or chemical has always side effects, no exceptions. Prozac and alcohol usefulness turns out as men disadvantage. Before jumping to that let’s make sure everybody is on the same page. Men usually addicted to alcohol. It means men take Prozac to cut the alcohol dependency. But unfortunately there is a bit holes for this cooperation. Prozac and alcohol side effects in men are sexual problems. Those problems are libido reduction, ejaculation disability, impotence, and painful erection. Libido reduction can be explained as the lack of sex drive willing. Ejaculation disability makes men can’t reach orgasm though for premature ejaculation patient Prozac is still a help. Impotence is a long term side effect so it means it is a little bit avoidable by minimizing Prozac dosage. And painful erection is already clear yet still hurts. That is why if you are having plans to build a family it is not recommended to take Prozac; take other anti depresses medication with good dosage. And for those who think it is better to be alcoholic than losing your lover, you are suggested to have a rehab immediately.

Prozac Dosage

Getting the Right Prozac Dosage

You may ever hear about a medicine called Prozac or you may be under the treatment by yourself now. Prozac is a medication that usually being recommended by doctors if you’re having depression. Of course, there are also other medications that can treat depression as well. Therefore, it is depending on your doctor to choose the right kind of medication for you. Since depression is very sensitive kind of illness, it is highly suggested for people to buy prescribe Prozac for their medical treatment. It is very important to consult to a doctor during your treatment since they can advice you the right Prozac dosage that you should consume. It is very important to consume it according to what you’ve been told. Therefore, don’t change the dosage as you like since it can be very dangerous to yourself.

Prozac dosage actually can be changed from time to time. When this is recommended by your doctor, it means they want to make sure whether they are able to give you better result. After all, getting into depression doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck with medication for the rest of your life. The normal Prozac dosage that is usually being recommended is 20 mg/day with maximum dosage that you can consume up to 80 mg/day. You shouldn’t take more that what is being prescribed for you since it certainly can have a very dangerous side effect. Since Prozac is also being used for other treatment aside from depression, then the dosage will also be different for different kind of treatment. One thing that is important to remember is to consume the medicine in whole capsule since every intention to open the capsule, chew it or other deliberate actions will only make the medicine to be released in one time and it can be not good for your health.

As human being, we can’t escape from mistake. Since it is a long term medication, there will be some situations where we forgot to take the medication. So, how do we handle the situation so that it still can work according to Prozac dosage as usual? The best thing is to take the medicine as soon as you remember them. It is not recommended for you to double the dosage in the next time you eat your medicine. If the time length between your treatment is very close, then it is recommended for you no to take the medicine and just wait until your next medicine time is come. Do not take the medicine above or below Prozac dosage that is already being prescribed. It is also important to be known that the medication will be varying between one people to another. Therefore, your improvement may be different from other people you know who is under the same medication as you. Don’t be afraid or confuse about it. The important thing is to always discuss your condition to your doctor in order for them to be able to know what kind of treatment is the best for you to have.

Prozac Side Effects in Men

Prozac, Alcohol, and Men

To this day people understand that physically will comes from disturbed mind. But there are just some of people who really believe the suggestion. It is all up to you. But fact speaks. Some who suffers from anxiety, stress and nerves disorder become worse with their body. When you feel anxious or stress or disordered you act randomly. You become unorganized and careless. It is all tied together. Your body gets weak and loses energy because when you are anxious, stress, or disordered you cannot tell yourself to sleep. It then leads you to some treatment which in your mind may get you out of your sickness. This treatment today is represented by certain medication called Prozac.

Prozac is believed to effectively eliminate anxiety or stress and disorder as well. Not only it does get rid of your panic disorder it also helps you to calm and relax. Prozac is already known around the world and taken by adults (man and woman). The best side of Prozac is about it’s ability to neutralize alcohol effect on your body. Here is why.

For centuries alcohol and men have been living together. Men know exactly what alcohol could bring if they consume it simultaneously in big amount. Alcohol sees clearly how its power keeps men out of their mind. But it is totally human nature to take something that gives short term pleasure when in long term will just leave pains. Speaking of alcohol we need Prozac to follow. Prozac and alcohol are similar. Scientists stated that Prozac side effects in men act in the same way with alcohol inside human brain, chemically. It means one can neutralize the other. When a person who is an alcohol enthusiast decides to leave alcohol (s) he can simply take Prozac to help him/her. But the problem then is when a person who is definitely aware of both things and well understood, drinks alcohol along with Prozac inside the drink it becomes dangerous. Prozac side effects in men affect motor skills because it will be confusing your brain and nerves system. That is why focusing on one thing is better. Cut alcohol or take Prozac; do not do both at the same time.

As alcohol disappeared another issue is coming. Researches show the regular using of Prozac (especially in huge dosage) may lead man to some dysfunctions. To this point Prozac plays big role in what we call intimacy. Using Prozac causes man less interested in making love. Moreover man becomes effortless to ejaculate. The Prozac side effects in men depend on men’s health condition. Some will shortly feel these effects whilst other can enjoy more time before regretting. The solution may be reducing dosage of the medication or switch it to other type. But it doesn’t end problem. Prozac is antidepressant medication and like other antidepressant Prozac will give relaxing but takes your intimacy stimulation. There is no clear explanation about the losing process yet but consultation might help you. Always remember to keep everything as minimum as you can. Taking something is big number will get you nowhere but trouble.

What is Prozac

Understanding about Prozac

With lots of pressure that people have every day, it is not a shocking to find lots of people under a lot of stress and feel depressed. These days, you can find depressed people range different ages. Not only grown up that can get depress, children and teenagers are also vulnerable to it. Depression should not be taken lightly since it had big capability o self destruction such as suicide. It is very important to find a doctor to consult about your depression and get the medical treatment that you need right away. There are several medications for treating depression and one of the most recommended by doctors is Prozac. What is Prozac actually? Prozac is a medication which allows blockage of certain chemical, serotonin or neurotransmitter to your brain. As a result, not only it can treat depression, it can also be used to treat some other illness such as eating disorder and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Since there are several side effects that may occur during the treatment, it is very important for people to know what is Prozac so that they will be able to understand what kind of treatment they are undergoing and able to tell their doctor if there are symptoms such as drowsiness, swellings, weight loss and others. It is very important to keep good communication to the doctor during the treatment since the doctor can change the dosage according to the patient condition. Even for people who understand the term of what is Prozac in general, it is not commended for them to get treated by themselves. There should be doctor’s assistance in the treatment since the medication itself has different effect to different people and it doesn’t also show instant changes when you start the medication.

Usually it will take about 1 week to 12 weeks in order to see whether the medication is having any effect and making good progress. However, there will be times when the patient can feel a lot of anxiety and in some cases even lead the patient to suicide attempt. This is where understanding about what is Prozac is going to be very valuable. Not only the patient, but the people surround them also need to understand the patient condition and be very sensitive to the changes made. Getting treatment doesn’t mean that you’re already free from the worst case of scenario yet. Therefore, you can prevent any problem that is being caused by the depression even though they are currently under treatment. As it said before, there is always a chance that Prozac is not suitable for treatment and you need to change it into another medication. What is Prozac is the first question you should get answer when you’re going to be treated with the medication. This will help you a lot in knowing what you should expect and what you can prevent during the treatment. Hopefully, by knowing the basic knowledge of the medication, you’ll be able to get better perspective about the illness itself and reducing the risk that might come along with it.

Prozac Weight Gain

Women and Prozac Weight Gain

Prozac is become hot issue among of the women. According some women prozac can reduce the weight on the other hand prozac can add the weight. It is interesting topic to be discussed. It contains some material that can control the mood, sleep and other things related to the brain process. Those reasons are not to prove how prozac weight gain. This article will discuss it. As mention some problems can occurs if we take prozac such as nausea, and diarrhoea. In the researcher is those two problems is supporting things in reducing the weight gain. Actually the depression it self resulting the weight gain. Let’s talk about prozac weight gain.

Why it can take weight gain? The answer is to the person it self. According to the research people that have recover from depression and taking prozac is willing to socialize. The result of it is the mood to eat food is reducing. Some of women after taking prozac has effect changing their life style, it the reason why reduce the weight. It is about prozac weight gain. It is important to stop prozac and weight gain. It should be noticed when you consuming prozac and want to stop it, you should consult with your doctor. As the expert the doctor will give you advice and they way to stop consuming prozac before you stop completely. You should be careful when you want to stop consuming prozac, many effect will you get like insomnia, head ache, stomp ache, irritability, tiredness, and of course weight gain. You are not allowed to stop directly; it should step by step and consult with your doctor.

This article also tries to discuss the relationship between prozac effect and prozac weight gain. So let talk bout it and hopefully this information will be useful for your life especially to the women. The main problem actually focuses on the prozac and weight gain. It is difficult to be explained but let’s try to do it. This is very important to the women that want to take prozac. They should consult with their doctor before their use it or consuming it. Besides consulting before use it, women should also consult about when they want to stop in using prozac.This thing is very dangerous and should be noticed by many people especially to the women that pregnant. It is not allowed to take this medicine when they are pregnant. On the other hand prozac is recommended to the women who have outweighed during pregnancy. The reason is to save the baby or the fetus.

Prozac Nation

Medicine to the Film: Prozac Nation

As we know prozac is medicine to cure the depression. It has some purposes to cure some body. It is very interesting when the uncommon things like medicine take to film. It means that the uncommon things will be known by many people. It is very important to take theme especially medicine to the film. It will give much benefit to many people. Film will give the many information to many people. So people will know well about the medicine world. They can know the benefit of taking some medicine with the effect on it. Well, this article will discuss about medicine that taken to the box office. The film titled prozac nation.

Beside give the benefit on medicine knowledge, in this film also contain moral teaching. It is related to the attitude. This film is base on real life among American life. Prozac nation actually taken from the book with the title Young and Depressed in America: A Memori. From the title we can conclude what the theme is. It is about depression among young people in America. Most of young people in America got depression at that time because many problems such as parents divorced society, works, school and many more. This book is become the best seller at that time. It takes hot issue in America related to consuming or using prozac among depression young people in America. It is Autobiography that made to the book. It tells the girl that suffering mental illness in her work and school. This article will discuss about the effect and the using of prozac among young people in America. Here just some summary about this book and this film that you should be watched or read related to earn the knowledge about the prozac.

This is story about Elizabeth Wurtzel’s life. First her problem when she was childhood. Her parents got divorced, later on take an effect on her life until she continue her study in college. Her mental illness make her should take his body to some hospitals. In this hsopital she should take some medicine includes the prozac. Her experience about prozac was shared to the book and the film. It is recommended book and film have to be watched. This is reflection of depression person life. From this film and book, you can take a moral teaching. You can solve your problem and can use medicine like prozac normally if it required. The prozac nation is much recommended to all of people around the world especially to people who is suffering and feel depression.

Prozac Medication

Cure Your Depression with Prozac Medication

Now days as many people got stress because some reason. Some people have the problem in working and family that stimulate theme to get depression. As the result of technology, pharmacy found the medic that can control and solve the depression. It called prozac medication. It has developed to help human in solving their problem especially in depression case. This article wills discus it. Prozac is the drugs or medicine that categorized as antidepressant medicine. It categorize as antidepressant because it contain selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors. It works on the brain system that stimulates our body to become more relax. It usually use to treat people who has problem in panic, depression, eating we called it as bulimia nervous and premenstrual dysphonic disorder. This medicine actually does not work alone. It accompany by some medicine like olanzapine (Zyprexa) with the purpose to treat or to heal people who have depression. This medicine also has other function beside the main function to treat the depression. It used to cure other problem with combination other medicine with direction and purposes.

There is some caution in consuming this medicine or this drug. You should notice this article because it may useful in your treatment. First is do not take this medicine with these medicine like pimozide, phenelzine or tranylcypromine (Parnate) and many more as mentioned in the package. Prozac medication actually very usefully in our life, but it also has the dangerous if we do not notice the regulation in consuming it. When you take it and got some effect please contact the doctor. These are some effect that can be happened if you take it like aggressive, irritable, hyperactive and many more. This notification also should be noticed for the women who pregnant. This medicine is not allowed to the woman who is pregnant.

It is necessary to console with your doctor in consuming this medicine. Some people who is suffer allergic also is not allowed. Here some allergic that is not allowed to consume this medicine. Bipolar disorder and we called it as manic depression; or a history of drug abuse or suicidal thoughts and many more. So just be careful while consuming this prozac medication or before consuming this medicine because many effects can be happen. This medicine is categorized as the dangerous medicine; you should consult with the doctor and report the development after taking this medicine. You should obey the regulation in consuming this medicine.